The Land of Two Moons

About the Comic


After not seeing each other for eight years, Veitlen Tyvokala is reunited with his cousin and childhood friend Nymue Rozenbarr after she moves to The Capital to attend the Tsurennupaiva Military Academy. They expect their mandatory military service to be uneventful, and that they will return to civilian life afterward. Their expectations are shattered quickly as they learn that their magic abilities are abnormal and potentially dangerous.

This comic contains horror, science fiction, and fantasy elements. It takes place on a planet, Talassa, where orbital bombardment from the shattered moon Ellinen caused a mass extinction that wiped out most species 500 years prior. A very small human population lives in one country, Tsurennupaiva, where they constantly face the threats of demons and often run into harmless ghosts.

Update Schedule

This comic currently updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

About the Author

I'm Jay Argall (or Li Zhilong 李紙龍). I'm a 24 year old Taiwanese-American guy who likes to write stories and draw comics. I have a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I work as an AutoCAD drafter, and I have zero professional art education.

My previous, unfinished comic is The Gate at the End of the World. It ran from February-October 2017. You might recognize some of the characters! That wasn't my first webcomic - I started a few in 2008 and never got very far.

You can follow me at: My Website | Twitter | Mastodon | Pillowfort